The lifespan of switchable glass and film varies according to the supplier, where it is installed, how well it is protected, and what it is exposed to over its lifetime.  Smart/innovative glass and smart film are of high quality and long-lasting, but this cannot be said for every PDLC film product on the market. Smart glass lasts 20 to 30 years, and smart film products will last 10 to 20 years.

Switchable glass products' life expectancy is affected by a variety of factors.

How Long Be Will Smart Glass Around?

Smart glass is made from high-quality laminated and tempered safety glass. Smart glass lasts at least 100,000 hours when powered on, thanks to this improved longevity and performance (in the transparent state).


How long your smart glass lasts depends on where it is installed. Smart glass has a longer lifespan because it is not exposed to the elements when used internally rather than externally (outdoors). It is not recommended to install smart film products outside

Excessive exposure to the sun

Because they block 99 per cent of UV and IR light when switched to opaque, smart glass and film are popular choices for windows that get a lot of sun. In the same way that curtains and blinds change colour with time and exposure to the sun, privacy glass and film, the switchable PDLC layer may turn yellow with increased exposure to the sun. When compared to smart glass, this effect is more pronounced with smart film. It should be fine as the switchable glass is of high quality and is exposed to either direct or indirect sunlight.

On the other hand, electrical components can be damaged by the sun if they are of poor quality. A silver paste, for example, is used to apply the busbar to the PDLC film. The film or glass can fail when exposed to UV rays if the coating is not applied correctly.


A year of use for switchable glass and film is equivalent to about 100,000 hours of operation when powered on.

How long does the smart film have a shelf life?

The smart film has a useful life expectancy of over a decade. If the film has been exposed to the sun for ten years, it may start to yellow, but this won't be noticeable unless the film is placed next to a piece of clear glass.

Because the glass does not cover it, the smart film has a shorter lifespan than the current smart glass. Smart glass's laminated and tempered nature serves as moisture and another damage-resistant barrier while also being transparent. The lifespan of the smart film is greatly influenced by how it is installed and maintained.


The durability of PDLC film products has improved dramatically over the last decade. It's crucial to choose the right supplier because quality can vary significantly between manufacturers.