Applied Ceramic Label (ACL)

It is a process by which ceramic paint is applied directly to the surface of a bottle and fired through a Lehr furnace. After firing at temperatures up to 1180° F the label design is permanently fused to the glass.


Coating is a cost-effective and flexible way to achieve outstanding colour, to provide a premium look and feel.

Packaging Options

AGI has an exclusive and specialized in-house design team which ensures that the customers are provided various packaging options to choose from.

In House Design

Design is the art of creation. Good design is a blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Yet, even familiar objects such as custom glass bottles can change their design.

Mould shop

AGI glaspac assist customers to bring an idea/concept to reality. Right from the beginning our design team aims to ensure that the technical quality of the container, as well as the aesthetic requirement is of high standard.

Coloring Forehearth Technology

The AGI’s colouring Forehearth is a favourable method for the production of coloured glass without having to change the colour in the entire furnace. The advantages are having two colours simultaneously and the possibility of a temporary colouring process.The colour Forehearth technology is very flexible allowing the full range of products in a wide range of colours including container, tableware and cosmetic containers.