Your soul meets with a New Bottle

The liquor industry is changing at record pace , AGI have invested in creating most beautiful bottles , which are industry appreciated. We are one of the leading liquor bottle manufacturer in India. Through our continuous drive for new and innovative packaging, we offer a wide variety of bottle shapes, value-added decoration options, multiple color alternatives, and short production run capabilities.

We make liquor bottles in Flint, Amber, Green as well as with different colors, using Coloring Forehearth technology. we offer a wide range of liquor bottles, such as vodka bottle, gin bottle, brandy bottle, rum bottle, tequila bottle, bourbon bottle, cognac bottle and whisky bottle, etc. The continuous innovation and the long standing expertise built over more than forty seven years of working in the glass container industry make AGI glaspac the ideal partner for several industry leader

2ltr Green USL General Bottle With Handle
180ml Flint Generic Bottle
180ml Green ASD Royal Green Bottle
200ml Flint 4S Bottle
200ml Flint Gold Liquor Bottle
200ml Flint PCAL Bottle
200ml Flint Reddy _ Co. Mapputo Bottle
200ml Flint Reddy Co. Phorous Bottle
200ml Flint SR Liquor Bottle
375ml Flint Smirnoff Vodka Bottle
750ml Blue Antiquity Bottle
750ml Flint 1886 Royal Challenge Bottle
750ml Flint Aaram Bottle
750ml Flint Bagpiper Bottle
750ml Flint Black White Bottle