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HSIL Ltd., Packaging Products Division, AGI glaspac (better known as AGI) established in the year 1972, are engaged in the manufacture of high-quality glass containers to meet the stringent and demanding quality standards for the packaging needs of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Beer, Wine, and other industries.
Today, AGI has positioned itself as one of the leading container glass manufacturer in the country. With two state of the art manufacturing facilities, one in Hyderabad and the other at Bhongir (Telangana) both strategically located in South – Central India, where key raw materials are available in abundance and the shipping of finish goods by road, rail as well as by sea (through ICD) is extremely cost-effective. With Hyderabad and Bhongir facilities put together, AGI melts 1600 tonnes of glass per day.




Tonnes/Day Capacity


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5ml to 4000ml

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We are an integrated container glass manufacturer comprised of agile and experienced engineers .


Over the last few decades,  AGI glaspac has been growing steadily. Linked with this growth and expansion of production capacity, AGI has invested heavily in the field of environmental protection.

Health & Safety

Safety is one of the highest priorities within AGI glaspac. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.


The facility is considered as a Major Accident Hazard (MAH) unit by the factories departments based on the statutory requirements. The company is having all the approvals with respect to Safety and Environment from various authorities.

Leading Container Glass Manufacturers

AGI glaspac has been designing and manufacturing glass bottles and jars for over 48 years, and we’re still leading the way when it comes to quality, flexibility, and innovation. We have a wide range of general sale glass containers for the food, pharmaceutical, and beverage markets, many available from stock.

We also have our own in-house design team offering a complete service for your bespoke glass packaging, from initial concept to manufacture and decoration; and because we pride ourselves on our flexible approach we feel at home working with niche products as well as with big brands worldwide.

Our Amazing Product Segments

Mr. Pran Raj ( CARLSBERG )

My interaction with AGI as an Organisation & with its energetic team is since 2012 & it has been wonderful business partnership since last many years.Kind of customer Focus, Quality & service brought in the business by AGI was refreshing & different from conventional Indian Glass Industry.There has been numerous example when AGI has supported our business requirement beyond expectation right from starting i.e. by getting mould ready in less than 2 months during 2012 to support Tuborg 3G launch & other NPD’s.Also, would like to mention AGI initiative towards Society, Sustainability & Environment protection which has been demonstrated YOY basis, which can be seen in AGI unit AGI ensure Highest Quality & progressive approach in everything they do. Best wishes for their Future endeavours & Expansion. Lets hope to continue this association life-long.

Barun Banerjee ( Nestle India Limited )

AGI glaspac is one of the leading glass manufacturers in the country.    AGI team is always striving for excellence in Quality, Service and building a strong relationship with Customer all the time.  We partner with them in new developments, a joint initiative to drive improvement in  Value stream.  Our journey has been so far satisfactory, but we believe in the strong quality mindset of “First Time right” and” Zero Tolerance” on Food safety.  Like to wish AGI management and staff for all the good work, continue to support us in delivering perfection.