We have the largest in-house glass container decoration facilities . Having two centres of decoration excellence makes us flexible and efficient, optimising production at each location and sharing knowledge across the Group. Both centres have developed and produced internationally acclaimed bottle designs using cutting edge glass decoration techniques in response to customer needs and trends.

Coating is a cost-effective and flexible way to achieve outstanding colour, to provide a premium look and feel. The technique can give a wide range of effects: matte, gloss, eggshell, acid etch, organic, metallic and pearlescent. Coating is often  combined with other decoration techniques such as pressure sensitive labelling (PSL), printing or embossing, offering unlimited options and uniquely tailored branding.


AGI glaspac Coating

Coating is a process that prevents mechanical damage to bottles during production, packing, and transportation. We have the necessary facilities for applying hot-end and cold-end coating on bottles which not only prevents damage to customer filling lines but also enhances the overall utility and safety till it reaches the end consumer.

We have also installed hot end and cold end coating equipment for 5 beer manufacturing lines. We have also installed hot end and cold end coating for 3 liquor lines also. Cold end coatings is a protective film that gives the glass a smooth surface that resists scratching and other surface damage. Since glass bottles and jars often travel through conveyers and scuff against each other during transit, this coating prevent the glass from scratching or sticking together.