It doesn't matter if it's round or square; both shapes matter when attracting and influencing customers. They both have unique characteristics, so neither is better than the other in appearance or functionality.

Here are some things while choosing the right shape for your product's packaging: a jar made of glass, either round or square, is appropriate.

  1. The Glass Jar's Structural Strength:

The roundness of the bottle generally aids in balancing the pressure on the surface. On the other hand, the square-shaped bottles are more likely to be chipped at the corners because of the uneven pressure.

  1. Conveyor automation and handling:

Filling a round glass jar by machine is faster and more efficient than filling a square one by hand.

  1. End-user preference:

Because they are easier to hold, round bottles are an excellent option for everyone, especially children. Babies' strollers and diaper bags, for example, have bottle holders that can accommodate bottles of all shapes and sizes.

  1. Container Labelling:

Both round and square bottles can easily be labelled using either manual labour or automated equipment. Labelling round bottles mechanically is more straightforward and more reliable. The results are the same for both if done by hand.

  1. Load on the vertical axis:

Because round bottles have a higher vertical load than square ones, you can store more in them.

  1. Ergonomics: the science of human comfort

Putting ergonomics into layman's terms, it's about making things better for people while also reducing their stress and strain. Bottles that are round instead of the square are easier to hold.

  1. Cost considerations:

Other things being equal, round glass bottles are less expensive because they are lighter than square ones.

  1. Glass Jars: Aesthetics and Function

Bottles with square shapes are more visually appealing than those with round conditions. On the other hand, Squares tend to catch the eye of users and help customers identify your brand right away.

  1. Using it is simple.

Scooping out products from a round glass jar is much easier than from a square bottle because the effects get caught in the corners.

  1. To be used for export:

Because round glass bottles/jars have a wider mouth, they require a more giant carton than square bottles/jars. When it comes to exports, volume is critical, so square bottles are the way to go.