Candles with a personal touch in Glass Packaging

Almost anything can be customized today. A consumer can control even a bumper sticker or your dog's leash. Candles are no exception.

In addition, people want the freedom to design their products that meet their individual and professional requirements. Allowing customers to create their own aromatherapy experience by customizing candles in your store has several advantages. Think about a person who loves candles but is allergic to certain types of wax or scents. Additionally, customizing their candle would not be harmful to their health.

Take, for example, if you want your customization to have a more emotional appeal. Each Yankee Candle container can be customized with a photo or quote. Adopting a similar approach will help you increase your sales when it comes to birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions. If you're hosting a housewarming party or a baby shower and want to give your guests a gift associated with the event, this could be useful.

It is especially effective during the holiday season when people are looking for stocking stuffers and sentimental gifts. In addition, the ability to customize can help you market your candles to a new market if a celebrity or brand sells them in limited quantities to their audience.

Allowing customers to customize their candles helps meet today's consumer's desire for customization and uniqueness in scented candles.

Beautiful Color Candle in Glass on Background

Scents that are currently in style for candles

Even though some scents will never go out of style in the candle industry, the scent category has grown in popularity. Many candles now come in a variety of aromas, including whiskey, tobacco, leather, and tomato. Many attribute the popularity of these scents to the growing number of male candle consumers in the market today.

Yanko was one of the first to capitalize on this trend in 2018 when they began marketing their products to men. As The White Company's Peter Robinson explains, "Candle sales to men have increased over the last five years." Our online sales have risen by 11 percent as a result. Taking Drake as an example, he announced a partnership with Better World Fragrance House to create scents and packaging for his OVO brand.

Brands of candles are now nostalgically marketing their products by calling their products "home scents ". As a result of this pandemic, many people are forced to work from home, making their homes warmer and more comfortable. Sales in the fragrance category soared in 2020 as customers sought scents that reminded them of their time spent at home with family.

Incorporating this into your candle categories can help you attract new customers who are looking for nostalgic scents. Because scents have such a powerful effect on memory, candle companies are creating new fragrances that are based on shared memories. Consider naming your candle scents "Summer Camp" or "Friday Night Football."


This year, incorporate nostalgic scents for your customers or tap into the interest of your male consumers.

Candle packaging and accessories that are out of this world

Over-the-top candle packaging has been a trend this year. To create an artistic atmosphere, we're seeing candles shaped like people, artwork, and elegantly packaged with clean or minimal designs. Chandeliers have become increasingly popular as a means of enhancing a brand or business's aesthetic appeal.

Rather than just a scent item, the candle is a reflection of the customer's personality. 'Most of the people are at home and want something to make their living space more pleasant. As Dutch designer Lex Pott points out, "An affordable sculptural candle fits that very well." Some of them shared their candles on Instagram and became brand ambassadors. Because it's soft and sculptural, it's easy to photograph.

This has led to brands experimenting with different items in candle packaging because the container is still one of the most significant selling points. Some of the hottest candle packaging trends can be found below, including geometric shapes such as stars.

Which candle trends are looking most popular in 2021?

  • Soy candle – 35,350 (monthly searches)
  • Body-shaped candle – 19,310
  • Jackpot candle – 7,920
  • Botanical candle – 3,540
  • Star-shaped candle – 2,790
  • Twist/spiral candle – 2,060
  • Shell candle – 1,280
  • Hand-shaped candle – 1,200
  • Quartz candle – 890

Candle packaging is changing, and businesses like Himalayan Trading Post add accessories like wooden trays and iron pots. Compared to traditional candlesticks, usually reserved for the dining room or mantlepiece, this is an elegant upgrade. Being creative with your packaging and accessories can help you stand out from the crowd and make your business stand out.

It is expected that Pillar Candles will have the highest CAGR until 2025. Votives accounted for over a quarter of the candle market share in 2018. It is common for votive candles to be round or square and displayed on a tray or mirror. Pillar candles are tall and sturdy, with a wide range of heights to choose from. Votives and pillar candles have one thing in common: their ability to burn for a long time. Customers who are willing to spend a few extra dollars on candles that will last a long time are increasingly looking for long-lasting candles.

A new jar container is just one way to pivot and position your candle business in 2021. Another is to adapt your candle products to provide an experience for your customers. For example, you want to experiment with new scents on the rise, such as leather and whiskey.