A recently emerging trend in the packaging industry is that customers, across all age groups, place a more excellent value on seeing the product for themselves and less importance on reading the product description on the package. Forcing customers to look at your product through glass is a great way to steal their attention.

Some aspects of why you should opt for glass-like packagings, such as this article, are discussed here.

Clear Glass Product: The transparency of glass enables the consumer to see right through to the inside product, helping them see the characteristics and attributes of the product. This causes customers to have a better understanding of the product's value and makes it easier for them to make purchase decisions because they can compare the offered product with other options. In general, consumers trust brands that show their products and promote them directly.

Customer Confidence: More confident customers will notice the on-shelf proof that a product, such as food and beverage products, looks just as it does in the pictures and is appetizing, too.

Identifying Contamination: Glass assists the product owner in discovering whether or not the product is contaminated before it is delivered to the customer. If customers have a significantly lower chance of receiving a defective product, the overall cost of returns, replacements, and refunds will be substantially reduced. The lower the chances of contamination, the better the customer will enjoy the product and the higher the likelihood that the customer will become a loyal customer.

Attractive Packaging:  The fact that product packaging is beautiful significantly impacts sales. The beauty of a product greatly depends on the opacity of the packing material. What the customers believe to be true is that the quality of the product depends on how attractive the packaging is. The transparency of packaging may make the product appear more appealing to consumers because they can see its consistency.

Glass packaging makes it easier for consumers to judge the freshness of a product by looking at it rather than the date on which it expires. Packaging that allows food and beverage products to be seen through helps promote the products' freshness and shows that what you see is what you get. Conforming to this logic, such packaging undoubtedly provides evidence that it does not contain any unnatural additives or ingredients.