The Benefits of Using Amber Glass in the Packaging of Beauty Products

Beauty product development is not an easy task. Planned and crafted goods require a lot of attention to detail. As much as it pains me to admit it, there is still much work to be done. To begin marketing your new products, you must first fit the makeup, lotion, or lip balm into the appropriate packaging. Finding the proper packaging involves more than just picking the cheapest or prettiest option out there. Materials and even seemingly insignificant design elements like colour can affect the contents of a container in a natural and significant way.

When it comes to packaging beauty products, amber glass offers several advantages. Chemically sensitive essential oils should be stored in glass for several reasons. Some of the same factors led to medicines and even most alcoholic beverages being packaged in amber glass, even more striking. Amber-coloured glass is beautiful on its own, and it has a long history of protecting the items we value most.

Safer Material Choice: Glass

Packages for beauty products can be made from a variety of materials. In general, glass and plastic are the most common. Plastic trays and jars are commonly used in cheaper options due to their availability and low cost. Some cosmetics, on the other hand, will not work with any plastic. Although plastic may be indestructible, it is made up of chemical molecules. As a result of their reactivity, certain plastics are not suitable for general use. Firstly, the product must be free of any potentially harmful ingredients before being stored appropriately for use on the skin. A safe material that will not leach chemical components into the goods stored within must be used to package it.

Just one of these containers is glass. To remain inert, it does not require any additional treatment or liners. Because of this, high-quality balms and lotions are often sold in glass bottles. In the glass, you can rest assured that your beautiful products will remain fresh and healthy for as long as they were packaged.

What Happens When Makeup Comes Into Contact with the Sun?

To prevent damage, amber glass is one of the reasons to use it when packaging beauty. A customer's home is the ideal place for makeup and beauty products. As a result, many people do not have enough storage space for their items and cosmetics. Furthermore, many people still appreciate the convenience of a simple vanity desk in their bedroom. Most women prefer to keep their makeup within easy reach, which results in a scattering of their favourite products on trays or bathroom counters. Many makeups and cosmetics fans lament the loss of a particular item that has been rendered worthless by the sun even though these storage methods are standard.


Despite how innocent a sunny, warm day may appear, it's a beauty supply customer's worst nightmare. Makeup is cooked by UV light and heat from the sun. The emulsifiers in lotions and cremes are broken down by sunlight, resulting in a separate mess. Once the nail polish hardens, it leaves chunky streaks on the nails instead of a smooth, glossy finish. Cosmetics can also separate or melt or become hard or soft. They can even lose their pigmentation.

Last but not least, we're all familiar with how prolonged exposure to the sun can bleach out the colours of anything. In addition to makeup, the red pigment in palettes and lipstick is particularly susceptible to damage. Imagine applying a rich blush colour to your cheeks, only to discover that it has turned a dreadful peach colour instead of a rich blush colour.

Barriers that Block Blue Light

As previously mentioned, the colour of the glass provides an additional layer of protection. The amber-coloured barriers block infrared and other light and colour waves. Sunlight alters the chemical balance of an item, which may come as a surprise to many. Therefore, many cosmetics, such as lipstick, give instructions to store them in a cool, dark place.

They are a direct reference to the sensitivity and fragility of high-end cosmetics and skincare products. Heat and sunlight will degrade them, if not render them useless altogether, so keep them out of the sun. Because products are packaged in higher-quality containers from the beginning, a business can rest assured that each shipment will meet the company's standards. Their favourite creams and perfumes will benefit from the superior protection that amber glass provides. It also doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Amber bottles can be purchased in bulk at the same price as other packaging materials. As a result of the containers' added protection, businesses will be able to pass these savings along to their customers without the need for any special equipment or changes in routine.

Certain Unique vintage appeal

Amber glass is stunning, as everyone knows. Crystal clear containers and other colours of glass cannot catch the light like this. It also has a rustic appeal. Gold-hued tones evoke images of antique pharmacies and old-fashioned perfumes. Luxurious goods and beauty products manufacturers know how to take advantage of its mystique. As a result of the elegance factor, many brands use this glass colour to pair classic recipes and retro throwbacks. Cosmetics companies can also emphasize the handmade, independent designer look when paired with the deep and richly coloured glass. The rustic kraft label signals to the customer a vintage style that will catch their eye.

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